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December 10, 2012

Life is fleeting, and humans are but a speck in the vastness of time and space.

This reality again struck Filipinos when floods caused by typhoon "Pablo" swept away precious lives merely a few days before the Manila leg of Sting's "Back to Bass" tour.

Thus Sting's last song was a fitting way to pay tribute to the victims.

"Tomorrow's rain will wash the stains away, but something in our minds will always stay," Sting sang, compelling the Araneta Coliseum to at least subdued excitement out of respect for the dead.

The solemn lyrics of 'Fragile', which speak of mortality, violence and war, capped a memorable concert punctuated by the performances of musical greats such as drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, who Sting candidly referred to as "possibly the greatest drummer in the world," Sting's longtime guitarist Dominic Miller, violinist Peter Tickell (who also played the mandolin), vocalist Jo Lawry, and keyboardist David Sancious.

Despite the controversy behind the concert's change in venue, the Big Dome was packed to the rafters on Sunday night. There were almost no vacant seats to be seen, and the audience was varied across ages and socio-economic status, though the steep ticket prices ensured that many who watched could afford to spare no less than P1,000 and as much as almost P16,000.

The set list of Sting, born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, spanned the 25 years of his solo career, and while he played bass throughout the concert, true to his roots in The Police, he switched with Miller to play guitar on 'Fragile', lending a more personal touch to the quietly guitar-driven song chosen to honor the victims of Pablo.

His songs reflected his journey as an artist, and showed his influences and musical range from rock to jazz, and country to eastern music.

The audience, many of who probably grew up listening to Sting's songs courtesy of their parents or countless remakes of his songs by other artists, went wild over his biggest hits. The set list included 21 songs.

Aside from 'Fragile', Sting performed 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You', 'Every Little Thing She Does is Magic', 'Seven Days', 'Fields of Gold', 'Message in a Bottle', 'Roxanne', 'King of Pain' and 'Every Breath You Take'.

He also performed other hits such as 'Englishman in New York', 'Demolition Man', 'I Hung My Head', 'End of the Game', 'Driven To Tears', 'Heavy Cloud No Rain', 'Shape of My Heart', 'The Hounds of Winter', 'Wrapped Around Your Finger', 'De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da', 'Desert Rose' and 'Next To You'.

The songs were punctuated by instrumental intervals showcasing the talents of those onstage, the antics of a bear mascot towards the end of the concert, Sting's stories about his songs, and his expressions of admiration for the "great" Philippine audience, which Tickell later described on social media as "the best audience on the whole tour."

He also said "the thrilla is in Manila," referring to the boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in 1975, also held in Araneta Coliseum. The audience certainly tried to prove him right, enthusiastically clapping, singing, and dancing to his songs.

The set design was minimal, merely a black cloth serving as a backdrop, with the stage lights providing atmosphere as needed to immerse the audience in the songs. The stage served well enough to focus attention on the performers themselves, who needed few effects to highlight their performance.

Sting's powerful vocals were highlighted by Lawry's haunting voice, and Miller's guitar playing complemented his bass lines. Tickell's violin also took on the roles of other instruments absent from the stage, and Sancious' keyboard more than just filled out the band's sound.

Overall, the concert was a reminder that like the best wines, great music can only get better with time.

Sting's "Back to Bass" concert in Manila was opened by Aiza Seguerra, accompanied by Mike Villegas on guitar and Angelo Villegas on bass.

(c) by Ivy Jean Vibar
posted by Hamiliano
A living legend
You are a cut way above the rest! Truly a genius!!! Nothing compares to your magical talent. A gift only a chosen few have. Thank you for sharing your talent. Keep making magnificent music!
posted by gracie_gwynette
we love you sting
thank you so much sting for giving us wonderful memory... see you again soon
posted by santiago124
Words remain to be formulated in my head just to describe the feeling that overwhelmed us at the Araneta that evening....I can only say THANK YOU STING and the whole band for gifting us with an indelible and wonderful memory...Happy Christmas to you!!
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Dec 3, 2012
The man’s still got it. That is, that intangible factor that separates regular musicians from living legends. Long ago, the man born Gordon Sumner cemented his superstar status by amassing one hit after another in a career that has spanned decades. And even after taking a long sabbatical from his rock persona - choosing to pursue symphonic and new-age projects in his time - at the HKCEC in his return to Hong Kong with his Back to Bass tour, Sting showed that, after all this time, yes... he's still got it. Pulling the expected double duty of singer and bassist, he performed a host of his classic monstrous hits permanently etched in our brains both from his early days with The Police and as a solo artist. Backed by a five-piece band, including a rocking violinist, he kicked off the night with 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You' and 'Every Little Thing She Does is Magic', followed by an all-hit roster stuffed with tunes that have stood the test of time...
Nov 29, 2012

(Photo courtesy of Mix FM). Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner - better known as Sting - performed an exceptional show Wednesday night at BIEL. The musician, songwriter and singer took over the Beirut stage with his band for more than two hours. For one night only and for the second time in Beirut, Sting performed some of his greatest tunes. The venue echoed with 'Message in a Bottle', 'Roxanne', 'End of the Game', and 'Hounds of Winter'. With the first notes of 'Englishman in New York', the audience hailed and began singing along with the chorus - which appeared to make the star emotional. Like a human wave, the spectators sang and danced to the song as though in a trance...