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Prospera Placewith Phantom Planet
Sting played Prospera Place on Tuesday night to a sold out audience...

Sting played Prospera Place on Tuesday night to a sold out audience. Kicking off the show with some old Police tunes - 'Message in a Bottle', 'Spirits in the Material World' and 'Demolition Man', he then moved into Sting tunes 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You', and 'I Hung My Head' before launching back into the huge Police hit, 'Synchronicity II' (better known as King of Pain).

It reminded me of a Bryan Adams concert in the way it was just a couple of incredibly talented guys with guitars and a set of drums responsible for creating such a complete sound. Joined by his 15-year bandmate Dominic Miller on guitar, along with Shane Fontayne on guitar and Josh Freese on drums, Sting rounded out the sound playing bass.

Dressed in a black suit with a black T-shirt underneath, Sting looked sleek, stylin' and very, very fit. He seemed very personable as he interacted with the audience, even reaching down to shake hands a few times in between songs. His banter was casual as he talked about different songs and when introducing his song 'End of the Game', written with fox hunting as an analogy, he talked about the romantic notions we have of wild animals. One woman screamed out, ''I'm a wild animal'' to which he replied, ''I see I'm going to have a lot of fun in Kelowna!''

'Heavy Cloud, No Rain' had the audience singing along and he did his best to get everyone singing echo to his song 'Voices Echo Inside My Head', but in our usual too-self-conscious Kelowna fashion, we fell short in responding.

Other highlights of the show included the tender song, 'Fields of Gold', a very cool cover of the Beatles' song 'A Day in the Life', 'Invisible Sun', 'World Running Down' and 'Roxanne'.

After working their way through 17 songs, they returned for the first encore of the evening with 'Next to You', followed by one of the Police's biggest hits ever, 'Every Breath You Take'. A second encore brought them back with a fun version of 'She's Too Good For Me'. The show ended with 'Lithium Sunset', then all four band members joined hands to take a final bow.

Sting apparently went to Splashes and Cheetahs after the show then up to Big White for a fondue at Snowshoe Sam's on Wednesday before heading off to resume his tour-not quite the trip to the Kelowna Yoga House I'd predicted.''

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