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Sting at the State Theatre in Cleveland...

Hello everyone, well just got back from the Sting show in Cleveland. All Tracey and I can say is what a GREAT show it was! Sting and his band were amazing. He played a wide variety of songs from the Police and his solo music. The show lasted two hours.The seats we had were excellent. Row R main floor 18 rows back. Perfect sound and prefect sightline. Also managed to get a set list for the show from his soundman. So that one will be going in a frame with the ticket from this show. We will be posting the pictures we took at the show and the setlist shortly. Also have to say a huge thank you to for a fantastic evening... You guys are the BEST. Also people going to the Newark show take full advantage of the free food and free booze at this show.The food they had laid out was amazing and the wife said the drinks were pretty good also. She was having a drink called the Roxanne....

Just a super -quick review and a huge THANK YOU to Dave, Wendy and Tina for this wonderful concert. Please forgive this incoherent post - I literally haven't slept more than 3 hours in the last 72 - no lie. First - there is NOTHING like being with my StingPals - These are friends for life - once in a life time friends, never ever gonna let them go - Sting or no Sting - I am so happy to have you all in my life, and to those of you who weren't with us - please know we drank a toast and lifted our 'Brand New Day's' to you in your Sting sounded amazing. His voice was so strong. He looked healthy (if slightly thin... (the band - well, there are no words. I won't even try - but they took my breath away. Really, stellar. Set list was a delight, a complete surprise, a total treat. The venue was gorgeous, I thought Sting souded a little loud in the mix at first, and he in fact did ask to have his mike turned down a little (there you go Trini). I kept track of the set list on my handy dandy iphone - which is something i've never done before, but it was clear that this was not going to be a 'greatest hits' set list from the get-go, and i wanted to remember every thing. I can't say what was more awesome - 7 Days or When We Dance. And you all know how I feel about EBYT... never, ever get tired of a trip in my time machine back to the summer of 1983. The ONLY downer was the crowd - sedate sitters. Sure enough, they enjoyed the heck out of it, but they were just a sitting and watching an evening of entertainment... and needless to say, one row in particular had a hard time keeping our B.I.S. (Butts in seats) Thanks again, much love, letting my 11 year old make toast for dinner and going to bed. NJ Peeps - buckle your seat belts - you are in for a heck of a ride.

(c) Kerry

OK, it seems a lot has been said already, so i'll keep this short! I can't start anything without thanking Dave and Wendy for running the contest and the tickets. Row Q, phenomenal seats and view of the stage, plus we got to meet a pair of great fans, though sadly my manners must have deserted me in a moment of excitement because we never exchanged names. I was stunned that we had Vinnie drumming for us that evening. Never expected to see that man on stage as he doesn't do too many shows with Sting anymore. The band walked out (almost) promptly at 8:05ish. Sting looked great and sounded even better. Everybody was on top of their game (Dom had some killer moments both on electric and nylon strings), but I can't bestow enough praise on Ms. Jo Lawry. It is no wonder Sting is featuring her as much as he is. The woman can sing, and she is a great vocal partner for him. They play extremely well off of each other, and I can only hope she will be sticking around for a long while making music with Sting. She not only sang, she danced, howled in 'Hounds of Winter', yeehaawed in 'I'm So Happy...' goes on and on. Though the show went by in a blur and the whole thing can be said to have been the highlight, 'Wrapped' was AMAZING, and 'Hounds of Winter' was blissful. 'Shape', of course... I could go on, but I'll restrain myself here. It was a night I'll never forget, and definitely without a doubt the best Sting concert I've ever attended.

(c) stingfan42

Tina, Dave & Wendy, My sister and I can't thank you enough for the contest and winning these tickets! American Express really knows how to say thank you to their clients. The lobby was filled with food and an open bar. The Roxanne, one of the special drinks, was fantastic!!! The State Theater in Cleveland is one of the most lovely theaters and offers a really cozy atmosphere. We were lucky enough to sit beside two fan club ticket winners from Chicago. They really made the concert a fun experience for us. Sting was in great voice. He was hitting those soaring high notes with apparent ease. As you've already seen the set list, I won't rehash it, but it sure was fantastic to hear Seven Days in concert. It was also fantastic to see this band together. Vinnie was in fine form. Dom looked happy and has such amazing touch when he plays!! David Sanctious brought the house down with his solo, and not enough can be said about Jo. That woman can do it all. I hope the Newark fans have a great time at their concert. I know we loved every minute of ours! Thanks again, you guys are the best!

(c) jsgrif

First of all, I want to thank for the tickets!!! We were in row Q, 17 rows back, dead center. Awesome seats! The center light actually kept hitting me in the eyes! LOL Loved the show. Sting sounded and looked great! We also enjoyed meeting everyone at Bricco's. Had a great time with "Centerville" (we never got each other's names) at the concert... I was sooo tired after the show. That's the only reason I didn't come down to the bar. We tried the Roxanne and Brand New Day... Brand New Day won out!

(c) rowdy6277

A very big Thank you to Tina, Dave and Wendy for this experience. It just filled me with such joy to meet up with fanclub members, some of whom I had not met before, and others whom I had not seen since the Police tour, it is always such an added perk of this site..the wonderful friends that I have made from all over the globe. The show was superb... love the Vinnie, Dom, David, Sting line-up... nice to see Jo Lawry as well. Set list was quite like the charity event in TO with Sheryl Crow I thought. Venue was gorgeous, acoustics were great, Sting was in fine form. And I did enjoy the freebies as well. I managed to score a setlist too. Took a bit of determination, but persistence pays off. I'm still smiling. Great Gig.

(c) Belle441

What a night in Cleveland. Met up for preshow with Kerry, Sooz, Michelle, Phennet, Tracey and Jim. The show was incredible. I couldn't belive my luck all night with my seat and setlist. So many surprises like Seven Days, Hounds in Winter, King of Pain. I was on a cloud and in an out of body experience, for the most part. Sure the folks behind me were not too happy that I kept popping up and dancing. Finally David's "When the World" got everybody up and nobody sat down the rest of the show. Jo was exquisite. Vinnie energetic. Dom enchanting and flirting witht the girls in the front row magically waving his guitar pics before dropping them down to the lucky receivers. Once or twice he threw as far out to the third row to lucky people scrambling for the honor. I did my part by getting in a few "I Burn For You" requests straight to Sting's ears, and he DID hear, just so he was reminded it is somethig his fans still want someday. When it's right. Thank you Wendy, Dave and Tina. You are so lovely to have arranged this for us all. And thanks Jim and Tracey for setting up the preshow gathering! Loved finally meeting some of the pompom girls, Kerry and Geordie" Sooz! Woohoo, forever!!!

I remembered something I wanted to add. Sting said at one point,"I think my voice is too loud. Will someone turn down my mic?" It was just cute. I think I have it on tape and can find which particular song that was. I'll post all to youtube later. There was NO security during the show until the very end when little yellow-shirt guys came out from nowhere to move us away from the stage. Mostly their efforts did not pay off though as many of us sting.comers got setlists. Persistance usually pays along with a bewildered refusal to budge even when being ordered to by a little yellow-shirt. Also, there was a couple at the preshow gathering that I omitted to name as they left shortly after I got there. They were so sweet. And I think I owe somebody for a glass of red wine. Kerry, Sooz, Phennet, and Kath. THANKS!

(c) christine1