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This week in the capital made Sting. At the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (conductor - Sara Hicks). One of the main pillars of contemporary world music performed in concert ''for more than twenty of his hits in the new'' neoclassical ''aranzhinrovkah. The Kyiv Sports Palace, which hosted the concert Symphonicity, resembled a beehive turned upside: the public was ready to sing along... Though, unfortunately, the acoustics in this room lousy, and ''dancing'' was at a distance from an artist that was fit to take military binoculars just to consider closer big star.

Of course, Sting was still amazing. Voice. Natural artistry. One form of this elegant lean man who is equally ''managing'' and the Ukrainian orchestra, and ten thousandth room, speaks volumes ... first of all that great entertainers (such as Sting, Elton John, Tina Turner, etc.) - keepers and carriers of some exclusive stage energy, so that they are really so many years and have an impact on ... Imagine, and the youth, too!

It was noticeable that came to hear him just a lot of young people. Those not yet born when he was beginning ''stages of a long journey.'' Let me remind you, he grew up at the time of the rock movement as frontman of the group The Police. It was there that Sting is not just in word but in deed know what it means to the phrase ''sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.'' And then, what does Sting now - create high-quality popular music.

Concert at the Sports Palace lasted over two hours. On stage - 46 musicians of the National Symphony Orchestra and the musicians of the Sting. Diffusion of genres is fine. Plus, Sarah Hicks, conductor (in tights), moving to the music. The audience warmed up especially in the second part of the concert. And after the song 'Desert Rose' and some sectors of the entire ''orchestra'' applauded standing. There were almost all the famous hits from the time of his participation in the group The police. The arrangements are kept small quote works by Mussorgsky, Wagner and others about twenty minute break after the first block concert Sting has warned the public in person, and even in the Ukrainian language: not to be mistaken, I read a proposal from the phone. The word ''break'' did not work at all, but the public supported the British successes in the development of the Ukrainian language. Already at the end of Sting twice called for an encore. In the end, grateful audience for it (without orchestra) played 'Message in a Bottle' , brilliantly playing the guitar, which is not released from the hands of another, and airport ''Borispol''.

It is said that the visits of the stars of this magnitude in the CIS - a manifestation of a decline of interest to the performer in the West. Sting, of course, come and money (he always put a very high wealth!). But for him is something more important than money. This is - music. And this - the principles.

June 27 Sting canceled a concert in Minsk (for obvious reasons) and transferred it to Vilnius. Cancel a concert in Astana after Amnesty International reports that the Kazakh authorities infringe on the rights of employees of oil and gas companies and their families.

From this, it is obvious that his concert in Kiev - the evidence of relative political stability in our country? Or Sting simply not told me everything?

His album 'Symphonicities', released in 2010, and the presentation of which he came to Ukraine, of course, to some extent, an allusion to the famous album, The police: the aforesaid called 'Synchronicity' and released in 1983. Sting's admirers, remember the album hit 'Every Breath You Take'. This song was played at the Sports Palace. It was after the stunning triumph of the album singer finally decided to leave the group. Realizing that this success in such soctave not happen again.

The current style of Sting noticeable quality eclectic. Obviously, still in the music he obviously is not afraid of experimenting and combining different genres. Sting's popularity at the time contributed to excellent vocal. But no less important to the success and originality of the play texts and melodies of his compositions.

Politics, provocation and undeniable talent - here, perhaps, the three main pillars of his work.

Relevance Sting appears at least that he feels the time and corresponded to the time. Recall how in 1985 - a year of coming to power of Mikhail Gorbachev - he creates 'Russians', which recalls the words of Nikita Khrushchev, ''we will bury you.'' Horror stories of the Cold War many were afraid in the West have experienced ''as if something happens.'' Therefore, such a ''right'' song quickly gained popularity. With regard to Sting wants to call it a sense of time. His last successful attempt to perform with symphony orchestras - is also a sense of time and its features. Anyway, Sting - a world brand. And he realizes it. And his desire to perform the old songs with new classic ''sound'' - a kind of gilding their own creativity. A such a concert - and even for myself ... It was as if an attempt to sum up his swift, victorious career.

Conflicts often escalate into provocation, and is primarily concerned with texts. In them, he has always been fairly categorical (no wonder he and alias - sting, ie the ''sting'', but in a figurative sense - ''needle''). This is his second name, as everyone knows, he was due to black-and-yellow striped sweater, which first appeared on the scene. When in 1981 in Northern Ireland began a hunger strike of prisoners participating Northern Ireland conflict, Sting wrote 'Invisible Sun' - on behalf of a prisoner in jail. And makes a video with the video cutting the fighting. BBC then banned the demonstration video, arguing that the video contains a ''political statement''. As already mentioned, the song Russians, Sting says the threat of nuclear war and rhetorically asks: ''I hope the Russian love their children too?''.

In various interviews Sting admits that at one time was the zombie propaganda and anti-Soviet sentiment cautiously looking to the east.

Conflict with Sting can be laid even in the text and the topic ... The song 'Roxanne', which deals with the love of a prostitute, one way or another there is a kind of conflict with society, a challenge, they say, and you weak? This song remains one of his best lyrical works.

Conflict is characteristic of another of his famous song 'Englishman in New York', in which the lyrical hero suffers from a lack of understanding and disrespect, but continues to be himself: ''I'm a foreigner, I am a legal alien I'm an Englishman in New York York.''

Of course, such a conflict may be interpersonal, as is the case with the song 'When We Dance', which shows through a love triangle: ''If he loved you as much as I love...''. But the conversation may be internal. Then the song by Sting - the confessional, and affect the eternal philosophical questions. How, for example, the song 'Brand New Say' or 'Fragile'.

His talent and diligence of hundreds of texts written in the media. The singer wrote on his book ''Broken Music''. In it he reveals his life to the moment when it came to prominence. Up to 28 years in his life happened a lot: and corporal punishment in Catholic school, and years of frustration and searching for himself, and years of starvation and material constraints. But thanks to the work and believing in yourself, Gordon Sumner became Sting. He really made himself and, as we see, continues to do...

(c) by Leonid Melezhik (Translated by Google)

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Thanks for good memories, colleagues. It is always great to turn on this ime machine for putting yourself into cofort for a while...
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07 Jul
It was amazing! Thank you so much!
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