Police Reunion

Manchester, GB
MEN Arenawith Starsailor
The Police @ Arena, Manchester...

Many years ago BC (Before Children) we were on holiday near Nimes.

Le premier groupe anglais were appearing that night in Les Arenes.

''No, not going to see them, daft name''.

Anyway 27 years later, WC, we got to see The Police in Manchester. It was brilliant.

The second night 18,000 crowd was engaged and transfixed.

The sound quality was excellent, a gang of cameramen kept great images on the giant screens.

Andy Summers on Fender guitar, Stuart Copeland on drums (percussionist more like) and Mr Sumner, the bass player who doubles on vocals total 176 years between them but didn't act, sing or play like it for a minute in a show just short of two hours.

They'd split up in 1984! What will they start with, we mused over pre gig drinks.

It was 'Bring on the Night'. Then the night included 'Message In A Bottle' and 'Walking On The Moon' both off 'Regatta de Blanc'.

I just got wonderfully lost in virtual nostalgia 'Don't Stand So Close to Me', 'Driven To Tears', 'Every Little Thing'.

Then Do do do. How I love the second verse: Poets, priests and politicians Have words to thank for their positions During Invisible Sun we were graced with a wonderful photo montage of faces of children of the world.

Reaching the finale and encore including 'Can't Stand Losing You', a totally red bathed hall for the eponymous 'Roxanne', what we call Sue Lawley the last but one song was 'Every Move'.

I don't remember the last song because I was hoping that it wasn't But it was, and we'll never see them again. Le premier groupe anglais?

(c) This is Lancashire by Sir Bill Taylor