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Seattle, WA, US
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Police in Seattle...

I've always wanted to see a no-hitter baseball game. I'm told that the tension builds and builds inning after inning as the game progresses with a perfect pitching performance. It is a rare event and a treat to be there to say you were a part of it. You can feel it as it is happening.

Tonight's show, Seattle #2, was a no-hitter. The show was FLAWLESS. I heard no mistakes, the energy was unbelievable, and the performers were in another world. Forget Idaho, tonight these 3 guys were on another planet, and there were all there together. I cannot think of a concert I've ever been to that has been so perfect to me.

I saw the flawed concert last week in Vancouver, I saw the sketchy fan club show, and I saw the tour opener in Vancouver as well as Seattle #1. This show brought it all together. Man were they GOOD!

Andy has loosened up considerably in a week. He is making moves I'd never thought he'd do. He is moving all over the stage, and he is smiling and joking much more.

A couple highlights. There was no Sting/Stewart banter about sitting in the wrong place before King of Pain. Someone threw a fake flower on the stage right before Every Breath and Sting picked it up, walked it over to Andy, who threw it at Stewart. By the time it got to Stewart it was bent over, and he made a sad face. Also, right before Next To You, Stewart ran to Andy's side of the stage and asked the tech for a guitar, as he wanted to play it for that song. After a few seconds he said ''Just kidding''. Sting kidded us about being in Washington DC instead of Washington state. He was ON tonight.

As opposed to last night's show, in 'Driven To Tears', it is a regular magazine again, not a f***ing magazine.

I had the pleasure of meeting both Stewart and Andy, as well as Joe Sumner, today at their hotel. I got a couple of autographs on my ticket for tonight, which will always be treasured. More on my encounter later. Needless to say, this concert was the end of a perfect day.

Oh, one more thing. Sadly, 'Murder by Numbers' was dropped. Otherwise, the same setlist as before. I did ask Stewart today about why 3 songs were omitted in Edmonton and they returned last night. He said that they come and go and the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. I wonder who the Lord is in this case...

Thanks guys for a perfect end to my 5 shows. I'm done. I can sit back now and read everyone elses' reactions for the next year.

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