Songs From The Labyrinth

London, GB
LSO St Luke'swith Russell Crowe, Dominic Miller, Misty Miller
Sting & Edin Karamazov dazzle in London...

Sting and virtuoso lutenist Edin Karamazov played two amazing shows at the spectacular and intimate LSO St Luke's in London on the nights of October 3/4 when they performed material from the new 'Songs From The Labyrinth' album and reworked some astounding versions of a couple of old favourites.

On October 3, on a night full of surprises, they performed a rehearsal show in front of 300 members. Earlier in the evening Dominic Miller performed material from his new album 'Fourth Wall', some old favourites from his solo career and we witnessed the stunning debut of his daughter, Misty Miller, who sang a version of 'Rise & Fall' that brought a standing ovation from everyone in the venue. Misty's performance was the toughest of acts to follow, and Sting took to the stage to say that he was glad it was not him that had to follow it. Instead he introduced 'one of the greatest actors in the world' and the crowd let out an audible gasp as none other than Russell Crowe took to the stage with guitarist Allan Doyle to perform his song 'Raewyn'.

Sting and Edin - the world renowned virtuoso Bosnian lutenist who has been so influential with Sting in developing the 'Songs From The Labyrinth' album - performed most of the songs on the forthcoming release, interspersed with Sting reading excerpts from John Dowlands letter to Sir Robert Cecil in between tracks and providing an insight into Dowland's life and times. As encores, the pair performed heavily reworked versions of 'Fields of Gold' and 'Message in a Bottle'.

In between these two old favorites Sting had a little fun. Earlier in the evening he had spoken of John Johnson who was one of Queen Elizabeth's lutenists, of his son John Johnson, and of the playwright Ben Jonson, at one point commenting about what a lot of Johnsons were appearing the story. So when he announced he was going to perform a track by Robert Johnson the audience were anticipating another medieval composition. Sting promptly wrong footed everyone by picking up his lute and playing 'Hellhound on my Trail', the classic blues song by 20th century delta legend Robert Johnson!

The crowd would not cease their applause, eventually dragging Sting and Edin back to the stage where Sting confessed they had no more songs, so would reprise 'Come Again' for a second time. A special mention must also be made for Stile Antico, the young and dynamic early music vocal ensemble who provided such wonderful singing on several of the tracks. Their first album is due out in July 2007, and on the evidence of their performance at these two shows will be well worth further investigation.

(c) by Dave & Wendy