Broken Music

Esch, LU
Stade Emile Mayrischwith Fiction Plane
Sting: An Englishman in Luxembourg...

Last night in Esch-sur-Alzette...

For the first time ever in his long career Sting rendered Luxembourg a visit with his ''Broken Music Tour''. The date had been carefully chosen, just prior to the French National Day and marked 2 important celebrations locally, the city of Esch sur Alzette's 100 years anniversary as well as the ''Banque et Caisse de l'Epargne de l'Etat'' (BCEE)'s 150 years anniversary.

At the football stadium Emile Mayrisch on the ''Gaalgebierg'' the ambiance was just superb, with some 18.000 visitors attending the concert and the sun still radiating strongly. The event kicked-off with performances of ''Fiction Plane'' (with Sting's own son Joe Sumner) and the local group ''Dreamcatcher''.

Following the warming-up (with plenty of options to get some refreshments and food) Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner alias Sting finally appeared on stage at 9.30 pm. Sting received an overwhelming applause and performed many classics of The Police and himself such as 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You', 'Message In A Bottle', 'Every Breath You Take', 'Walking On The Moon' and 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic'.

Once the sun had set the beautiful 'Fields of Gold' received a huge clapping, followed by the ever popular 'Roxanne' where the stage turned into true red lights. The lyrics of the closing song 'Fragile' were remarkably appropriate and were very well received by the audience.

''If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one, Drying in the color of the evening sun, Tomorrow's rain will wash the stains away, But something in our minds will always stay, Perhaps this final act was meant, To clinch a lifetime's argument, That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could, For all those born beneath an angry star, Lest we forget how fragile we are!''

''Something in our minds will always stay'' of Sting's spectacular concert, a world star that doesn't seem to be fragile at all at the age of nearly 55!

(c) Marjolijn Thiecke, The Station Network

Ein Weltstar in Luxemburg...

Sting spielte vor ausverkauftem Hause...

Runde Geburtstage feiert man nicht alle Tage. So kommt es denn auch, dass aus diesem besonderen Anlass am Donnerstag Abend ein ganz besonderer Geburtstagsgast in der Jubiläumsstadt Esch/Alzette weilte: Zum 100. Jahrestag der Stadt Esch und anlässlich des 150. Geburtstages der Gründung der ''Banque et Caisse de l'Epargne de l'Etat'' (BCEE) machte Sting mit seiner ''Broken Music Tour'' Halt im Emile-Mayrisch-Stadion auf dem ''Gaalgebierg''.

Rund 18,000 Besucher ließen sich das außergewöhnliche Musik-Event nicht entgehen und strömten bereits ab 16.30 Uhr vom Escher Bahnhof hoch zum ''Gaalgebierg''. ''Fiction Plane'' mit Sting-Sohn Joe Sumner gebührte die Ehre, dem Luxemburger Publikum einzuheizen, bevor die einheimische Formation Dreamcatcher die Bühne eroberte.

Kurz nach 21.30 Uhr war es dann soweit. Bei untergehender Sonne betrat Gordon Matthew Sumner alias Sting unter tosendem Applaus der 18 000 Konzertbesucher die Bühne .

Während knapp zwei Stunden ließ der Weltstar seine Fans in den Genuss von vielen ''The Police''-Songs kommen. Er gab aber auch lange nicht gehörte Nummern aus seiner Solo-Karriere sowie altbekannte Klassiker zum Besten.

(c) Wort