Broken Music

Eugene, OR, US
McArthur Court (University of Oregon)with Phantom Planet
Sting visits Eugene...

The day started off rainy and cold for the few of us that got there early to be first in line and maybe catch a listen to the sound check. Our wait paid off with spots right in front of the stage (spitting distance you might say). Phantom Planet put on a great set in their sincere effort to ''warm us up'' complete with scaffold climbing and keyboards courtesy of Radio Shack.

Sting and the band opened with 'Message In A Bottle' and never slowed down. Last night was the happiest I've seen Sting during a performance. That same deafening roar of cheering and foot-stomping that makes MacArthur Court so inhospitable to opposing basketball teams was music to Sting's ears as he had to pause between songs while the fans expressed their love. The band absolutely ROCKED OUT during 'Demolition Man', 'A Day in the Life' and 'Next to You' and Sting jammed on the bass with abandon. The 'stripped down' set-up sounded anything but. I loved being able to hear all four musicians with Sting's vocals clear and unencumbered. The band sounded great, the chemistry was awesome and the fans had a blast.

It was definitely worth the cold rainy wait, the sore feet (in wet socks from running without shoes to the next gate after security told us we were waiting in the wrong spot 15 minutes before the doors opened), and the weird looks from security for getting there 6 hours before the doors opened. I met some new friends (hey stingbaby!) and got to treat my brother to yet another awesome Sting show. (His quote: ''It was great. I loved it. I think Sting spit on me.'' - told you we were close!)

Thank you Sting, for making us as happy as we made you.

Donna and Bill for