Outlandos d'Amour

London, GB
Marquee Club
The Police at the Marquee...

This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you. The Police. Fight down the urge to go completely over the top. 'Their songs aren't written, they're hewn from lumps of paleolithic rock.' No, I didn't say that, but it's funny, a similar thought crossed my mind. Crossed it round about when they did something called 'Three O'Clock Shift' and the stuggle against aural submission was in its death throes and the three-pronged attack was at its least merciful.

One of the prongs is Stewart Copleand who used to be with Curved Air and who drums with the rarefied cosmic range of a true lunatic. I don't know what the others are called, being too overcome by fear and trembling to delve in their (undoubtedly murky) backgrounds.

The Police are highly proficient and are quite like that virulent strain of three-piece band that spread like an epidemic early this decade. It's not the best of formats unless a wide variety of material is played, which in this case it wasn't but there's a place for them all the same.

Behind bars, do I hear you say? Then again , 'The Police are very arresting'. How tedious to be the subject of low wit. The puns run freely and so did I befoer they were through, but lots if young folk stayed and enjoyed them. If you like punk played with the edgeo of galvanised steel, them you'll probably like the Police. Hope you're feeling lucky.

(c) Sounds by Harry Callaghan