Reggatta de Blanc

New Orleans, LA, US
The Warehousewith The Specials
The Police at The Warehouse...

Unfortunately the details are a little blurry. I couldn't get any of my friends to go ''they only played that 'Roxanne' song'' so although well liked it wasn't a big enough catalyst for my friends to spend the 6 dollars it cost to see them. I ended up inviting a new friend from Brazil who didnt speak much English and had never been to a concert much less at the Warehouse in New Orleans!

I was 17 at the time and somewhat of a concert veteran for the age, I guess I really am now 27 years later and at least 200 shows under the belt but I digress...

We ended up about 5 people back in the center where eveyone was drunk, high or going to be soon, the Warehouse is just that about 5,000 people in an old warehouse where it is the HOTTEST place to see a show, can't remember who played maybe the Fabulous Poodles but it was just a note as we were all waitng for The Police!

Once they hit the stage it went crazy, everyone was bouncing(jumping up and down in the same spot) girls were taking tops off throwing bras up on stage and it was just electric the whole show was like that,as were most at the warehouse were, the biggest kick I got after the show was my Brazilian friend, he was so excited and could not believe how much crazines and fun you could have at a Rock Show, he lit up everytime we talked about that show...

(c) ''mpkiller''