Oakland, CA, US
Oakland Coliseum Stadiumwith Thompson Twins, Madness, The Fixx, Oingo Boingo
Police at Oakland Coliseum...

I grew up in the San Francisco bay area and I remember from a young age being interested in music in general. Being so close to the city and to Berkeley it was easy to see live shows. As fate would have it my punker days were few and fleeting. Berkeley had some great shows for a wanna-be punk like myself. It wasn't until I started hearing ska, reggae and new wave or alternative music that I felt like I had found my place.

Now on to the concert to remember all concerts. It was August 1983 and it was the day on the green concert series at the Oakland Colliseum. Thompson Twins opened up, Madness, the Fixx, Oingo Boingo and finally the Police as the headliners.

I seem to mark my life by concerts and music in general. It is not a concious effort I can just hear a song and it will bring me back to that time and what I was doing. At the day on the green concert I was 17 years old and as most boys this age I felt 10 foot tall and bullet proof. It really one of those times when you feel like you have the world by the short hairs with anything is possible. I was there with my best friends, my high school sweetheart and my favorite band and we were partying like rock stars.

The music as great, the weather was great and anything was possible that summer. Thanks for the a great soundtrack to my youth guys. I am so glad to see another tour coming around. I will be joining in for a many as my work and wife will tolerate.

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