Selected Miscellaneous Shows

London, GB
Stonewall Benefit (Royal Albert Hall)
Sting flys in for Stonewall Benefit...

I knew this concert in the R.A.H. would be my last opportunity to see Sting this year. It was not certain if Sting would even return in time to perform but I travelled from Holland with much hope. I arrived with other Dutch club members, Annet, Claudia, Mel and Markus at 1pm and there I met my pen-pals Iris and Bettina from Germany who were already waiting at the stage door.

After three hours Dominic appeared looking very tired but he was kind enough to give us a few autographs and pose for some photographs. A moment later Elton John arrived in a large Bentley, wearing pink leggings and matching glasses and looking very 'extravagant.' When we were almost frozen Sting himself arrived - very tired like Dominic, but he only had time to greet us before rushing in the rehearsals. We then went for a snack to sustain ourselves and returned to the Hall at 7.30pm

The first part of the show wasn't very exciting, except the performances of D-Ream and Melissa Etheridge. There were a lot of speeches and sketches but they were obviously saving the 'fireworks' for the second half.

Alison Moyet started with a beautiful interpretation of 'Ne Quitte Pas' (better than Sting). It was Elton who roused the audience by singing a song from West Side Story: 'I'm So Pretty' (and I think he meant it :-)

Finally the thing happened for which we had travelled so far and waited so long ...Elton and Sting came on and sang 'Come Down In Time' together. This was really a unique and insane performance. After that song Dominic, David and Manu Katche took their places on stage - Manu replaced Vinnie who was ill. Sting took over the show and sang 'Englishman' and Elton joined him again in 'Shape Of My Heart' (but Elton made a bit of a mess of it).

Melisssa Etheridge joined Sting for a very rocking version of 'Every Breath.' As a grande finale Sting and Elton sang 'Big Spender' which was very funny. They kept bumping their butts together and Elton even stripped Sting. My message to any club members who weren't there: You really missed something which I could never have done - but too soon it was all over. By the time we hurried round to the stage door Sting had departed... for a long no doubt!

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