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Boston, MA, US
Timothy White Benefit (Fleet Center)
Music For Your Ears in Boston...

I am still reeling from what can only be called a life changing experience. Four hours of rock, heart and soul. It was one of those nights where you say to yourself, "how lucky am I to be here?" The biggest thing I walked away with last night, and its something that will stay with me for quite some time. Timothy White had a pure heart. A kind soul placed on this earth to grace us with gentleness and love. He changed the course of music simply by being true to the musicians. And they proved their love and devotion to him and his memory.

At times I was wiping tears from my eyes (Roger Waters, 'Wish You Were Here') at other times, jamming like a lunatic (Sting, 'Roxanne'). To see "stars" become regular people devoting a night to a fallen friend, that was the awe inspiring thing. To feel the love in that room, the spirit of Timothy was there. Enjoying every moment... and he was probably (to quote Don Henley) 'Dancing with the Angels'.

Now, I cannot give you a "technical" review of the Sting's set. I was entranced with him. This being the first time seeing him live, added with the emotion of the night, it was more than I could stand! He was genuinely... gosh... how can I describe him? Pure, strong, enthusiastic, energetic, charismatic, and yes, he looked as good as he sounded. My feet have yet to touch the ground after last night's experience and I am now waiting until I can see a full show of just Sting.

I imagine that this may eventually make its way onto the market as a concert DVD, it will be well worth any price. This was a phenomenal night, for a phenomenal man.

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