Wrapped Around Your Finger – Live From The Back To Bass Tour (Preview)

June 13, 2013

Check out the latest clip in Virtual Ticket and the first from this leg of the tour. The Virtual Ticket section of Sting.com gives you first access to backstage interviews, behind-the-scenes and rehearsal footage, studio takes etc. Members get rare, inside perspectives.

The full list of Back To Bass Summer 2013 tour dates and ticket details may be found on the tour page.

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Directed and Edited by Jeff Coffman.



Jun 11, 2013
The ONE Campaign today launched agit8, a unique music-based campaign designed to build pressure for action against extreme poverty in the crucial week leading up to the G8 summit in Northern Ireland. The campaign includes a digital music platform featuring new video recordings of classic protest songs, a new Richard Curtis film that will be projected on the iconic façade of the Tate Modern in London and impromptu live performances...