25 Days Countdown: Day 11

September 22, 2011 is excited to share an exclusive preview of a track from Sting: 25 Years! Featured on Rough, Raw & Unreleased: Live at Irving Plaza, this previously unreleased version of "Demolition Man" was recorded live on the final night of Sting's US Broken Music Tour in May 2005. Listen here Listen here. RT the link on Twitter (be sure to tag with #Sting25) and one lucky winner will be randomly selected to win a copy of the Sting: 25 Years box set!

This prize draw has now finished. The winner was Kristen Fischer.
posted by wellwisher
Demolition Man
I want to win it. I dont have twitter. But I like all of Stings songs, and The Police songs.
posted by anke65
Demolition Man
My Rechereche the network gave the following opinion: "Demolition Man" is a very mediocre Police song, but the song still has power Why Sting a song for the soundtrack of a film such contribution, may remain a mystery. My opinion: The song fits the tour under the title: Back to Bass I think it has succeeded
posted by anke65
Demolition Man
My research on the net gave the following opinion: "Demolition Man" is a very mediocre Police song, but the song still has power Why Sting a song for the soundtrack of such a film contributes, may remain a mystery. My opinion: the song is under the title: Back to the bass totaly right! It is succeeded.
posted by flexible
Great track...
...looking forward to the DVD a lot. Have RT'ed (Gradenko1), fingers crossed :)
posted by flexible
Cool track...
...looking forward to the live DVD a lot! Have retweeted (Gradenko1), fingers crossed :)
posted by TarAncalime
I have tweeted and retweeted..I hope it works, but I do want that box set,-)))
posted by urotsukidoji
As one who avoids things like twitter and facebook and such, I can not enter to win this great prize :(
posted by caroguzzi
I don't have twitter but I loooooooove it ! Thanks for this exclusive preview
posted by stingchronicity
W O W!!!!!!!!
Thats awesome........ what a GREAT PRIZE!!!!!!! Someones going to be very happy!!!
posted by lnjp
demolition man
great to hear Sting ...
posted by Mjlozanogomez
Happy birthday!!!
My dear Sting. The next 2 October is my birthday too( 4o years). My only dream is to meet you, but I can´t travel to NY; it´s so far and so expensive...PLEASE, ANSWER ME! One word, and I will have the best present of my life. Everybody thinks it´s impossible. I´m a dreamer, but in the one minute of Granada´s concert (Spain), you read my banner and you sang for me. I cryed very very happy, because it was my dream. Now I believe in my dreams... Nothing is impossible.
posted by iburn4u
I remember sitting at my computer talking to fellow members in the chat room that night commiserating about not being at Irving Plaza.
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Sep 21, 2011
Please visit the Clinton Global Citizen Awards website, which is now live! Trudie Styler and Sting are being honored with a Leadership in Philanthropy award on behalf of their work with the Rainforest Fund, for their innovative and effective approaches to making positive global change for sustainability. The ceremony will be broadcast on hulu in the coming weeks...
Sep 21, 2011
Answer the following trivia question for the chance to win an autographed copy of Sting's album Brand New Day! Released in 1999, the album was written and recorded just before the millennium. Sting has said that Brand New Day was meant to serve as an optimistic and positive antidote to the fear and pessimism surrounding the Y2K phenomenon.