Sting - The Last Ship, Listen to the Cherrytree Radio Special...

September 04, 2013



posted by sarahgal
Sting never fails to cast his magic spell over me, his music speaks to me on so many levels - thank you Sting for your life changing influences over the many years!
posted by bogina
His deep ipnotic voice...
It's incredible how each time I listen to His work - and this in particular, since I saw it in Newcastle- he has the power to,touch my soul and my feelings in such a way.....He makes me feel so good !!! Dear Sting... You are my life- music!! Paola
posted by salama
Very compelling!
Wonderful piece of work, in which Sting ties beautifully his life and his music back to his roots. I am so looking forward to this album and concert on 2nd of October.
posted by ZezePina
Bossa Nova
Deliciosa a mistura de palavras e sons.
posted by pangea
Just listened to the Cherry Tree radio special and this could very well be Sting's best album.... I am in tears...
posted by lydia
another vocabulary
that s what we need to explain my feeling. FEEL LOST....and i need to swimming into my tears..
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Aug 25, 2013

A few years ago, Sting found himself in a position that was unique to his experience, though perhaps familiar to certain others: He had grown sick and tired of Sting. For three decades, Sting had been not just one of the world's most famous musicians but one of its preeminent musical confessors: a singer-songwriter who, through all of his incarnations - spiky white reggae man, stadium rock star, sleek fixture of adult­-contemporary radio - had kept the music coming by, he says, "scraping the barrel of my soul." The result was a prolific output: five LPs with the Police and a string of hit solo albums, a run that concluded in 2003 with his eighth solo release, Sacred Love. Then, abruptly, the songs stopped. Sting has released three albums in the years since, all on the classical label Deutsche Grammophon; none were pop records, per se, and none included new songs ­written by Sting. Eventually, he realized he was blocked...