Pre-order Dominic Miller's new album 'adhoc' and get it three weeks before the official release!

December 13, 2013

Dominic Miller's new album 'adhoc' will be released in February 2014. He recorded this new album in Germany using an impeccable line-up of musicians; Rhani Krija - percussion, Lars Danielsson - Cello and double bass, Eda Zari - vocals, Sebastian Stubnitzky - trumpets and Peter Tickell - violin. This promises to be the best Dominic Miller album yet and will be released on CD, Vinyl and available for download. Dominic is touring from May to June 2014. You can pre-listen to the track 'Tisane' on soundcloud.

Pre order Dominic's new album 'adhoc' now via his online webstore to get the CD three weeks before the official release Feb. 21st 2014! Visit to pre-order!


Dec 6, 2013

Sting will appear on The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One this Sunday, December 8 at 9AM/GMT for a live interview and performance from his new album, The Last Ship! Other guests will include a senior UK Cabinet Minister, Neil Kinnock (the former Leader of the Labour Party), and Sir Trevor MacDonald, the first TV journalist to interview Nelson Mandela on his release from Robben Island. This will be Sting's third appearance on The Andrew Marr Show. Be sure to tune in on Sunday!