'I Want My MTV' Documentary Premieres 9pm on A&E, 8 September...

September 08, 2020

Sting contributed to the new documentary 'I Want My MTV', which is premiering in the US on 8 September on A&E at 9PM (both ET and PT). Read more about the show in this article at Flood Magazine.


Sep 3, 2020

World-renowned singer-songwriter Melody Gardot announces her long-awaited new album along with the release of a highly anticipated single which sees her join forces with 17-time Grammy Award winning music icon Sting. The duet ‘Little Something’, released today on Decca Records, brings together Gardot and Sting’s distinctive vocals on this up-tempo, Latin inflected pop track. Listen here...

Sep 1, 2020

Sting is excited to join @narrative4 for an extraordinary night of music and literature celebrating art, empathy and action! Tomorrow, 5PM EST. RSVP today!  Like great art and literature, Narrative 4 takes all of us into the depths and complexities of other souls and enables virtual strangers to inhabit the depth and complexities of their own. In the end, it awakens us to the beauty, tragedy, humor, wonder, variety, commonality and endless possibilities of human interaction.