Fan Club listening party, from September 20 5pm ET...
September 20, 2006 will be holding an exclusive listening party for Sting's new album, 'Songs From the Labyrinth' for all members! Starting Wednesday, September 20 at 5pm ET, members will have the chance to be amongst the first in the world to hear songs off the new album. Go to from 5pm ET on September 20 to hear the following songs:

Can She Excuse My Wrongs?
Come Again
Flow My Tears
Fine Knacks For Ladies




Sep 18, 2006


He said light music, she said gritty film... So I visited Sting and Mrs. Sting, Trudie Styler. It's a very simple, basic everyday sort of life. Three homes in three countries. New York one's a Central Park West duplex ("Four or five bedrooms, I don't remember," she says), but moving to an even larger penthouse overlooking the park. And lots of children - his, hers, theirs. And 10 dogs - we're talking palomino-size Irish wolfhounds. And heavy-duty careers. Sting's romantic new album "Songs From the Labyrinth," which is out next month, and producer Trudie's gritty new film "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints," which is out next week...
Sep 16, 2006

Sting live in London and New York...

We are delighted to announce that Sting will be playing three intimate performances during October 2006 in New York, London and Berlin to launch his forthcoming album 'Songs from the Labyrinth'...