Ten Summoner's Tales

Mar 01, 1993
Track List And Lyrics
    DISC NO: 1
  1. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You lyrics
  2. Love Is Stronger Than Justice (The Munificent Seven) lyrics
  3. Fields Of Gold lyrics
  4. Heavy Cloud No Rain lyrics
  5. She's Too Good For Me lyrics
  6. Seven Days lyrics
  7. Saint Augustine In Hell lyrics
  8. It's Probably Me lyrics
  9. Shape Of My Heart lyrics
  10. Something The Boy Said lyrics
  11. Nothing 'Bout Me lyrics
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On the reason for making the video 'Ten Summoner's Tales'...
"The reason for that is that one of the major personalities on the record is my house. I made the record in the dining room of my 400 year old house in England and we were very happy in that environment and so we filmed the album, and the whole album is on the video - us singing it and performing it, and that's the way I want to present how the album was made - in this lovely environment. So that's why we did it."
Ten Summoner's Tales Promotional Interview Disc, '93


The 'Ten Summoner's Tales' video was filmed in Sting's Wiltshire home, Lake House, at the time of recording the album. This was his first venture as a video album and the release won a Grammy award in 1994 for "Best Long Form Video Of The Year". The video does appear to have slightly different versions of the songs to those that appeared on the album, and all the album tracks are featured apart from 'Everybody Laughed But You', which was omitted from the US release of album. The video is particularly interesting not just for the live nature of the tracks but for the between song clips of Lake House and it's grounds, the band, and for little snippets like the bass falling over during 'Love Is Stronger Than Justice'. The most interesting clip is arguably of the band performing 'Something The Boy Said', a great song which has reputedly never been played live in concert.