Sting & Edin Karamazov record performance for XM radio...
October 10, 2006 
XM, the nation's leading satellite radio service with more than 7 million subscribers, will debut the latest installment of "Artist Confidential," its popular performance and interview series, featuring legendary music artist Sting on Monday, October 16. Taped before a live audience of friends and members at XM's New York studios in Jazz @ Lincoln Center on October 9, Sting's XM performance served as his first North American performance in support of his latest album, 'Songs From the Labyrinth', a collection of Elizabethan-era tunes from the works of John Dowland performed on the lute.

Accompanied by the 12-person choir, "Tapestry," and lutenist Edin Karamazov, the hour-plus long XM Artist Confidential performance included works from the new album, which was released on Tuesday. In addition, the evening's set list included Sting playing a few songs not traditionally performed on the lute - his 1993 hit 'Fields of Gold', legendary bluesman Robert Johnson's 'Hell Hound on My Trail', and The Police's 'Message in a Bottle'.

The Sting Artist Confidential premieres on XM Monday, October 16 at Noon ET on XM Pops (XM 113), with additional encores airing through out the week - (see right).


Oct 09, 2006


Sting has exchanged his guitar for a lute, returning to the renaissance for inspiration. He tells John Allison why melancholy and self-reflection are the new rock'n'roll. 'Melancholy is no bad thing' says Sting. His cat Carbonnel dozes on my lap as we sit having a quiet talk at Lake House, the singer's Elizabethan pile in Wiltshire. The backdrop is fitting, for we are discussing his latest project - obsession, really - and his most unexpected album yet, 'Songs from the Labyrinth'. It features such Elizabethan classics as 'Come again: sweet love doth now invite' and 'The lowest trees have tops', songs by one of the greatest of all English composers, John Dowland...
Oct 08, 2006


Sting Pour l’amour de Dowland: La star du rock publie un disque de melodies de John Dowland, un compositeur anglais du XVIr siecle, ou il chante et joue du luth. One des multiples facettes d'un homme etonnant et attachant. Rencontre à Lyon, pour un des fares entretiens que la star a accordés à la presse française. Nous sommes aut ant impressionnés les tins que les autres : lui qui parle pour la premiere fois à des "specialistes" de musique classique, nous qui voyons ce mythe en chair et en os...