Name: DeVere

Username: hot4sting

Location: New Britain, PA.

Been a fan since: 1979.

Favourite Sting song: 'Brand New Day'.

Favourite Police song: 'Man In A Suitcase'.

Favourite Sting album:  'Bring On The Night'.

Favourite Police album:  Too hard to choose!.

Most memorable concert: Sting and Natalie Merchant in Philly, Mercury Falling album.

Other favourite bands: U2, Natalie Merchant, Annie Lennox. Madonna.

In your own words: In your own words My first concert was supposed to be The Police in Philly (Synchronicity), but a family vacation prevented it. I never got to see them until they got back together. I've seen Sting every time he comes to Philly or NYC. He is simply The Best! And here's to all my friends who thought his music was too slow when I was growing up - Nah Na, Boo boo!! Signed, Hot4sting!!!